The Embarke Foundation In Pursuit of God's Truth

Discovering Virtues through Poetry for Public Schools

The public version of Discovering Virtues through Poetry is based on the Truths professed in the Declaration of Independence.  We use classic poetry to teach higher level reading skills and the seven virtues: faith, hope, love, prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. We openly acknowledge God as our Creator and as the Source of our unalienable Rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without acknowledging God, it is impossible for students to understand the nature our "unalienable Rights." John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Discovering Virtues through Poetry discerns what is good according to God's Natural Law. No law should prevent Americans from upholding the Truths professed in the Declaration of Independence in public school curriculum. 

According to G.K. Chesterton, "It's the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense." Let us restore common sense in America and reverse the secular humanism which has corrupted public education. We have allowed secularism to penetrate every aspect of our culture and are progressively turning away from the truths which build this great nation. Let us do our part to make America great again by restoring those truths.

Why God must be Acknowledged

President Lincoln eloquently emphasized the importance of acknowledging God when, at the height of the Civil War, he called for a National Day of Fast and Prayer. Here is an excerpt from His Proclamation:

And whereas it is the duty of nations as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon; and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.

We know that, by His divine law, nations like individuals are subjected to punishments and chastisements in this world, may we not justly fear that the awful calamity of civil war, which now desolates the land, may be but a punishment, inflicted upon us, for our presumptuous sins, to the needful end of our national reformation as a whole People? We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. However, we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, prosperity and joy.  We have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!

It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.

For the sake of our future, let us heed President Lincoln's call to turn back to God. If America still holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that we have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, then we should fight to restore His rightful place in the public classroom. The moral deterioration of American culture is has resulted, in large part, by the removal of God from the public classroom. If we continue, it will result in the loss of Liberty. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. Please consider joining us in this fight to bring God back into our public schools.