The Embarke Foundation In Pursuit of God's Truth
 In many ways we are fighting against the same tyranny of evil which our founders battled against almost 250 years ago. In their effort to become a great nation, our Founding Fathers began with the Declaration of Independence. If we are to become great again, then it would behoove us to begin with the same document. Join us in our efforts to lobby legislators to recognize the Right of public school districts to acknowledge God as our "Creator" and affirm the Truths professed in the Declaration of Independence. 
For the past seven years, The EMBARKE Foundation has worked to restore God In America's public education system, developed materials for parochial schools, and has implemented programming in America's prison system. God has placed us at ground zero in the spiritual battle to bring America back to Him. May God give us the courage to reclaim the Liberty He has won for us in Christ.


                 Grave Offenses to the Sanctity of Life, Family, and Marriage
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